The Northern Corsica

Sep 14, 2013

Northern coast of Corsica is a mix of secluded beaches, mountains and lively little port towns with delicious seafood. This was pretty much the recipe also to our successful couple of days that we had  the pleasure to spend there: Walking the endless beach line in Saint-Florent, dining in its vibrant seaside restaurants, taking a boat ride to one of the most pristine beaches we’ve ever seen with shallow crystal clear waters (that we thought would only exist somewhere far away), driving the coastal road into the sunset, hiking to a blue lagoon, chilling the evening away in Calvi’s citadel that offers outstanding views over the bay, and just simple pleasures like enjoying a breakfast by the water on a sunny morning. Those were just a couple of the most unforgettable things we did, and northern Corsica sure made its way into our hearts. I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking…

Highlights of northern Corsica 


 Lotu Beach

Désert Agriates 


By now you have probably noticed that Corsica has pretty much all the necessary ingredients for a good time; fascinating nature, coastal towns with sizzling nightlife, tasty cuisine and some of the most stunning beaches in all Europe. What else do you need?



TIP: Go to some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe- Lotu and Saleccia- that are only reachable by foot or boat! You can also walk from one beach to another (1-1h30). Find out about boat shuttles to the beaches of Lotu and Saleccia!

TIP: Check out the lively harbourside, walk up to the medieval citadel for fantastic views, and during the day you can soak up the sun on Calvi’s endlessly long bay- the water is amazing!  


  • Ottilia said...

    I'm not sure whether to write in English or in Finnish, but anyhow, absolutely gorgeous photos! Reminds me of our sailing trip to Croatia and the beautiful islands. Very much fell in love with the country! I don't know if it's just me and my computer skills but I couldn't find a place to comment on the story about Croatia, so I'm writing here instead:) All in all, it's a beautifully composed blog, look forward to reading even more about your travels, especially Asia.

  • emma said...

    Thank you :)

    Croatia was amazing, agreed! Asia, on the other hand, will be so different- cant wait to discover all the places...

    I'll ask for tips later on, you can count on it! ;)

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