Night Falls over Bangkok

Jun 16, 2014
Like any Southeast Asian city, Bangkok comes alive after sun has set. Streets are illuminated with  sparkling lights and local entrepreneurs are setting up their food carts in order to cook their steamy dishes. Places like Chinatown are basically deserted during the day whereas at night time they're crowded of hungry locals and visitors alike. The good thing about street food here is that the proportions are relatively small, which means you can try out many different foods and hop from one stall to the next one! And this, my friends, is a Thai kitchen experience at its best! 

We did, however, treat ourselves one night to bit of a different style of dining- namely in the 60th floor of Banyan Tree Hotel in a restaurant called Saffron*. They offer contemporary Thai cuisine that you literally enjoy in the sky. It's definitely one of those most memorable restaurants where high-class dining meets outrageous skyline view! They make you feel like a royal the minute you walk in, and seriously spoil you with their service (they even 'wash' your hands and bring you flowers!) throughout the dinner. Last but not least you can climb up the last few floors to get to the outside rooftop where the Vertigo and Moon Bar is located. Now, you pay the price for your cocktail but seriously the experience is all worth it...

Aside from some low-key chilling on Khao San Road, we found it hard to choose where to go for a fun night out. In a city this spread out it's like heading out blindfolded, and thats what we literally ended up doing; we got in a taxi and asked him to drive us to a good party! When he pulled over to this random alley, we got all skeptical and second-guessed our judgement to put our night in some taxi driver's hands. The place was 95% Indian and somehow strange but thanks to these funny guys that invited us to their table for the entire night (and pour us drinks for free), we ended up having a good time! Things got even weirder when one of the guys gave us his business card stating him to be some kind of Indian royal...Oh well, that would explain the free drinks and his demands on the waitresses to move around tables to make some space for his personal dance floor! ;) So in the end of it, even there were no drag queens and she-males involved in our night out, I can well imagine that some of the most legendary party stories out there take place in this very city...

After Dark Delights

Sky-high Dining

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*Banyan Tree Bangkok - Saffron Restaurant (they have several restaurants with different cuisines)
- Insane dining or / and drinks at the rooftop terrace! You get a feeling of being on a big cruise boat but instead water you have the endless city all around you...

- One of the most renowned skyscraper restaurant / bar next to the river Chao Phraya. Here you can sip your Hangovertini in their world-class Sky Bar and feel like a movie star! 

- Favourite place to grab street food and make a night of it! Can't beat these lively streets! 


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