Phnom Penh - Cambodian Capital

Mar 27, 2014

From Siem Reap we had the first bus ride ahead of us and we boarded on the Mekong Express. 7 hours passed by relatively quickly and we arrived to the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh in the evening, on time still to catch a dinner on its bubbly riverside boulevard. 

The next few days we spent pretty much walking around, sightseeing through the royal palace and temples, diving into the buzzing marketplaces, eating the underrated Cambodian food and just taking in the friendliness and liveliness of this 'chaotic' capital city. One of the highlights must've been visiting the Genocide Museum, which really touched us. It's incredible what this country has gone through not too long ago, and I would recommend to visit this historic place anytime to learn about the history of this awesome nation! A word of a caution though- some of the stuff you see can be quite disturbing...

And here are some of the highlights in pictures :)

Central Market

Wat Phnom

A Cambodian Tuk Tuk On Duty

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The Royal Palace

Phnom Penh By Night

Independence Monument

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