Wintery Copenhagen

Feb 20, 2011
In January as the weather gets all grey and rainy in Paris, it's a good idea to pack your warmest gloves and hats and head further north for a weekend in Copenhagen... or is it?

Actually, it was more like a family reunion since my parents and my brother were coming from the Alps and I was still on my holiday...

Even tough the weather was quite cold, we had a good time together in the Danish capital. We visited its main sights : The Marble Church, Nyhavn canal, City hall, watched the guard changing in front of the royal palace and strolled along the Stroget pedestrian area. 

Two days was enough time to freeze our butts going around the city, but in the summer time I could easily see myself spending more time there since it has a lot to offer: long sunny days, countless terrasses, great parks, the famous Tivoli amusement park and even beaches 15 min away from the downtown (by bike) where you can do some kitesurfing! Not bad...


  • akas shingha said...

    To figure out how to Kitesurf, for the time being as a novice it is better to begin with a coach kite and ask an expert to guide you on propelling, controlling, and arriving.

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