Sunday Afternoon Delights

May 5, 2013

Finally the spring is spoiling us with more and more beautiful days and warm temperatures! It’s the best time to pack your picnic bags and head out to wherever it’s green and blossoming. Yesterday we went out to a hilly forest for an active and sporty day out, doing both biking and running- it felt so good to be out in the nature! Today we continued the active weekend by exercising first and then ending it with a lunch out in the park nearby our home. And for once, we managed to take the camera with us, too (and good that we did because the blossoms are on their way out already!). Here are a few photos of that much-needed sun on (my) white skin!

I love spring. It comes as a rescue after the long, dark and cold season, and puts this glowing spell on nature and on people! Are you also a fan of cherry blossoms and longer days? I know I am!


  • Lil said...

    Love it when the weather holds up and the day is long. A bit disconcerting in the morning but I like going out for walks and discovering hidden spots, even in neighbourhoods that I'm already quite familiar with. :)

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