Seminyak & Tanah Lot

Aug 19, 2014
In Bali it's almost as each area would have a certain "reputation". Whereas Ubud symbolises the Balinese cultural centre, Kuta is considered as the outrageous beach party hub with little (if any) authenticity left. That said, we had to choose where to spend the last couple of days before heading to Japan, and since the flight from Bali was scheduled really early in the morning, we thought it was best to stick around the airport. And usually that means staying in Kuta-area. But we wanted to avoid Kuta itself and ended up going on a bit of a splurge mission by staying in the upscale Seminyak and later in South-Kuta in a gorgeous resort for the last couple of nights. After all, it was our last days in tropical paradise, rather make it an excellent one. 

First thing that caught our attention in Seminyak was the extreme strict security. When we first arrived to our hotel, the car was stopped, checked with a metal detector and then with some other tools to see if something was in the trunk or attached to the bottom of the car. Later we noticed that  at the entrance of the most prestigious beach joints, such as the Ku De Ta, they would have armed force at the entrance checking the interiors of our bags... That made us feel, well, bit insecure? This all goes back to the unfortunate bomb attacks that took place in Kuta in the past, and so they had to tighten the securities around the entire area to make sure such tragedies couldn't happen again...which is all understandable, yet it all makes you kinda freak out just a little. 

Low tide allows people to walk around the temple around sunset...

Anyways, Seminyak turned out to be pretty much what it's said to be- a toned down version of Kuta with lots of nice restaurants, boutiques, and a beach front filled with exclusive resorts. Quite frankly we thought the most impressive thing we experienced here was the stroll on the beach when the waves got insanely violent and at some point even scary big! The second thing we liked was the drive up to the Tanah Lot (about 15km north) to catch the sunset at the temple complex. It's a very pretty place, but oh dear that crowd and all those souvenir stalls you need to pass to even get to the's all quite hectic. All in all, two nights were more than enough in Seminyak and for the last two we had booked the ultimate treat for ourselves in South-Kuta...

Seminyak Beach

Tanah Lot


The fun surprise...

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General Information

- Nice place to stay but the best about it was its awesome staff who left us notes everyday in our room ;). Great location on the main street (yet quiet).

Tanah Lot
Read about it here.
- Best way to get there is to rent a taxi for couple of hours, it's about 15km north from Seminyak and about 20km north from Kuta. If you want to get there by sunset, leave early, because the road there is very jammed!


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