Jack-O'-Lantern in the Making

Nov 1, 2013

I didn't exactly grow up celebrating Halloween, neither one of us did, but I find it actually pretty soothing considering the dark season we're facing this time of year. So, before all the Christmas frenzy kicks in, it's nice to have some zest in our lives. What could be better than couple of days filled with spooky costumes, pumpkin carving and watching scary movies we've all seen before...

For us, pumpkin carving has somewhat become a tradition already, so I was thrilled to find one in our supermarket while grocery shopping! We adopted our Jack right away (for as much as 3.90€) and took him to his new home. I didn't want to put the knife on him right away, so we waited till last night to give him a face- well, he's still no Martha Stewart creation, but he will do. After all the carving my hand was so sore that I  didn't much care how many teeth he'll get...which is the reason he's got none. 

If you're into simple Jack-o'-lantern, all you need is a proper knife, a spoon and the right state of mind. Oh, and to make things easier- a pumpkin

May I present; The toothless Jack!

Have a haunted weekend everyone!


  • Emma said...

    Hey I just read about roasting them- just a little too late! :/

    Did you roast them? Was it yummy?

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