Italy - Rimini & Misano Circuit

May 14, 2011
One of the best benefits of work that I can ever think of: free travel. Ciao Dolce Vita! As I was the responsible for the FIA European Truck Race Championship sponsoring, it was only natural I had to attend some of the races. So we wanted to make the best of it, and made it a long weekend in Rimini. We rented a car in Bologne airport and drove straight down to the Adriatic coast. After struggling our way through the narrow one-way streets, we finally arrived in front of our hotel: it was an artsy type boutique hotel on a small street, just across the street from the beach.

We settled in quickly and had only one thing in mind: food. We ended up having dinner in one of the beach restaurants and strolled along the beach boulevard afterwards. We hit the sack pretty early that night in order to shine & rise fresh and early the next day.

In the morning we had conveniently time to go to check out the old town and the beach in daylight. Like majority of old towns in Italy, it was charming and pretty. On the contrary the beach was anything but small, and we could see the beach stretch out endlessly in both directions. We could only imagine the crowd in the summer time...

After a nice hang out on the beach we drove to the Misano Circuit. This was the first truck race in both of our lives! We were so excited to be part of it, especially as VIP guests ;). Of course it included some heavy lifting one may call work: meeting our Italian customers, keeping them entertained and enjoying the race. It was actually really interesting to discover this kind of world, because we would’ve never gone for it by ourselves. It was impressive when the trucks turned their engines on and took off. In fact, they make the first lap in their pole positions to get to the speed and right as they arrive to the starting line they give full gas to these heavy racers - some of them crushed together just in the end of the first line causing an incredible bang, seriously a thrill-filled sensation!

If anything that was a day of speed and power, which I never imagined to experience. We learned a great deal about the trucks and the racing itself from the incredible crew of Allgäuer (our Austrian sponsor team). Later back in Rimini we just chilled on the beach and satisfied our hungry stomachs with what else than pizza.

The next day we headed back to the circuit and had another great racing day, only this time we actually got passes to the pit lane! Pretty insane! We got to hang out on the pole with the team staff and greet the drivers. We also managed to get a nice look into the cockpits, which was actually interesting (even though none of us was ever really into motor sports)! As the trucks of 5.5 tons passed us by in their full speed (they can go up to 160km/h) with nothing but a security fence between us, you just had to wish they stay on the track…Also, we walked around the paddocks and the general area, which was fulfilled with trucks from all over the countries to showcase the most magnificent tuning one could think of.

In the late afternoon we headed back to the airport and caught an evening flight back home. What a sensational weekend for discovering the world of truck racing, and the next stop would be nothing less than that, namely The Gran Prix in Nürburgring circuit, Germany.

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