Ljubljana – The Green Gem

Aug 6, 2012

Ljubljana was definitely one of those places that took us by surprise. Although it is the Slovenian capital, it’s a relatively small-sized town, which gives quite a unique touch to it. Not to mention it’s surrounded by mountains and the nature is literally a stone’s throw away. What impressed me the most in this place though, is that it is filled with subtle, almost humble beauty that isn’t all that famous – it’s really like a rough diamond. And in spite of its size, the city has such rich cultural supply!

Everything is within a walking distance: squares, the castle of Ljubljana, the cathedral, all the bridges (that are plenty!), major shopping– and restaurant streets and so on. We actually just strolled around aimlessly, letting the city itself guide us as we walked along. To point out a few highlights (especially if you don’t have too much time to wander around), I would say the walk up to the castle, not only was the view from the top beautiful but also the walk itself was enjoyable. 

Secondly, I really enjoyed the bridges – especially the Dragon Bridge, which is the very symbol of Ljubljana. These bridges look back to a lot of history, and won’t leave anyone who's even slightly interested in art (or history) cold. Another cool bridge is the Butchers’ Bridge, and don’t let the name fool you, it’s actually symbolizing eternal love and has love padlocks attached all over it (so be sure to bring one with you)!

Aside from all the sights and things to see, what I recall whenever thinking about Ljubljana is the extremely genuine and laid-back atmosphere that eventually left me with great, warm memories. It’s most definitely a place where you can just go to take it easy, spend a few hassle free days, and then continue exploring all the natural richness of Slovenia that’s all around it. A place, where it’s more than convenient to combine a unique city experience with nature activities. And that’s also what we did. Next, we were headed towards the coast and the Skocjan Caves Regional Park – one of the rare natural treasures in the world.


General information about Ljubljana can be found on Visit Ljubljana and Lonely Planet.

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