Annecy – Jura – Burgundy

May 18, 2012

As the month of May in France is filled with days off, we again had a long weekend ahead of us. This time we were headed for a little spring road trip starting in Annecy- a beautiful town in the northern Alps in Haute-Savoie department. Due to its superb location next to the Lake Annecy (Lac d'Annecy) and the mountains, it’s a very wealthy town and popular amongst tourists. You can do anything from water sports to mountaineering and still have a night out in town and eat well in one of its many fantastic restaurants. We got there with a train (takes about 3.5hrs from Paris), and met up with Denis’ parents who had driven up from Briancon. The plan was to enjoy Annecy for a bit, then drive around Jura region and check out The Hersisson Falls, and surely do some local cheese & wine tasting while there. For the last but not the least would be a stop-over in one of most prestigious wine regions of France- Burgundy (Bourgogne)


We had an excellent time in all these places- from green rural mountain roads through small villages and wine fields in Jura, to the capital of Burgundy wines, Beaune. For anyone who appreciates really good wine and fine dining, this little town is a gem. Beaune has lots of wine cellars offering tasting tours or you can visit the vineyards just a little outside of the town. Here are some of the pictures to tell the rest of it… 




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(Tip: Jura offers some of the best cross country skiing grounds in France)

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