Turquoise Coast: Patara – Kaputas – Kas

May 7, 2012

We were now on the D400 road headed to south*. The first stop we made was in Patara. What today seems like just a traditional Turkish village, used to be a lively commercial center in its time. Pass the village you can now visit its ancient ruins and just a bit further is the Patara-Beach; a nearly 20 kilometres long white-sand beach popular in summer time.

As you leave Patara area, you soon find yourself on a very scenic coastal road that takes you literally along the seaside. What makes it really impressive is that you have the mountains right next to you on the other side, and the sea on the other. Along the road we saw endless number of little coves, most of them completely untouched, and some with local folks lounging the day away. We took our time to enjoy the road and it wasn’t until one very special beach that we actually pulled over, parked the car, and got around to it- Kaputas Beach. This place must’ve been one of the most picturesque beaches we’ve ever seen; a bay bordered by two steep cliffs on both ends and the most crystal clear water. Also, the road above offers a fantastic view down to the beach and once you’re down there, the rock walls and the gorge in front of you seem just massive. We ended up spending the next couple of hours chilling on this quiet, distinct beach.

The final stop for the day was Kas, which is only about 20km ahead from Kaputas. As we arrived, we made a small stop above the town where beautiful panoramic views opened up not only over Kas, but also over the Cukurbag peninsula and the nearby Greek island of Kastelórizo ahead

Our lodging for the night was on that peninsula, and after following a narrow, winding road we descended steeply down to the parking lot. The place was on a great location overlooking the sea and the Greek island- and so was our room. We took a sunset swim, and enjoyed our two balcony suite (for 30€- cheap price, even for off season). It turned out we were one of the only guests that night in that rather sizable hotel. The owner (it was family run) was a very involved host, and the wife (I assume) cooked some fish for dinner. It was a decent meal, but it turned out to be the most expensive thing about that stay! Out of some reason I couldn't sleep too well that night, so I was up and out on the balcony on couple occasions watching  the night sky and later on the gorgeous dawn.

Yet another fine breakfast (and a morning swim) later, we were back on the road and off to explore some of the most pristine spots on the coast...


Route (distances & approximate travel times):

D400 Fethiye - Antalya (scenic coastal road via Kas, 295 km, 5-6 hours)
D350 Fethiye - Antalya (mountain road, about 200 km, 3- 3.5 hours)

(Kas, Cukurbag peninsula)
Mais Hotel  

Sites & Beaches:
Turkey's Top 10 Beaches
(ancient ruins, beach)

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