Weekend in Brussels & Amsterdam

Jun 30, 2012

All roads lead to Rome? Not all. For this weekend, they led us all to Brussels! We got on a train early on Saturday morning to meet with Rachael (from Let's Be Adventurers) & Christian, Donna & Craig (who were travelling nearby for Tour de France) and my cousins who are from there.

In short, we ended up spending the entire Saturday on a sunny terrace drinking hands down the finest beers in the world, laughing together and making memories ;-). I'm also pretty sure we were the best customers of the place as we started getting free drinks after occupying their terrace for most of the day...

The next day we were off to Amsterdam for some more fun- canal cruising.

We got to meet wonderful people, including Rachael’s twin sister Julie and her husband Mike, who were visiting Europe at the time. Such a pleasure.

Sometimes all you need for a good weekend is a train to Brussels, bunch of travel buddies, good beer and a canal boat cruise in Amsterdam. Guaranteed success rate!

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