Sicily - Taormina

Nov 6, 2011

Just for the sunset we arrived to one of the most beautiful places we had yet been in Sicily- Taormina. We drove the rocky road to get to the top of the town, and the sun had just started setting behind Etna in a distance. On the other side was the calm, smoky blue Ionian Sea.

On our last day we had a kick start for the day with a sea view breakfast that got us well prepared for the day out. First we climbed the hills above Taormina where we got an amazing view down to the city and to all its surrounding beaches. We then stepped down probably 500 stairs to reach the town again, and continued another few hundred steps down to the seaside. Talking about useful exercise! Somewhere between getting up and down all the stairs, we started to see a column rising from one of the Etna’s craters in the distance. We were joking about how ‘it has erupted just a day too late for us to miss it up close’, but in fact it was a real eruption we were seeing!

As the day closed in, we dined & wined and soaked in the last breeze of Sicily from our villa’s rooftop terrace, before heading down to Catania airport and a flight back home. Till the boarding we had a sneaky hope for the flights to be cancelled due to volcanic ashes, but, of course, they weren't and so we were homebound.

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