Baden - The Eden of Zurich

May 12, 2013

We had a pleasure to get to know this lovely little town called Baden, located just 25 km outside of Zurich, meaning a short train ride away. Its history goes way back to the Roman era when its hot springs were first recognized for health and wealth. Even to the date it still has a blossoming spa life on the river Limmat, but aside from that, it has a lot of other things to offer too! We were immediately smitten by its cute old town and the livelihood of its street life- with less than 20 000 inhabitants! Well, the simple explanation (from our friends who live there) to this was that it’s the actual meeting point for all the surrounding towns and villages, not to mention it’s home for couple of major companies. So, there you go!

In a nutshell: river floating through the town, ancient ruins on the hills overlooking the town, rustic old town with plenty cafes and pubs, but on the other hand really hip and modern restaurants with international cuisines, shopping street and boutiques, cathedral and churches, spa, vineyards running all over the hill slopes just outside of the city center, and the lush forests full of walking paths…

What's there not to love, right? It’s definitely a place to drop by as a getaway from the Zurich area and the main tourist stream. Perhaps experiencing one of those wine fests that are loved by the locals… We know we’d love to! J


How to get here from Zurich?
Local train from the Zurich Main Train Station (running all day), it’s about 20min ride to Baden station.

Look for the trains here.
- Road A1 otherwise

- All kinds of info about the town (also about Spas and Hot Springs!)


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