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May 3, 2013

For enjoying good wine you don't need just the right wine, but also the right environment to savour it. Therefore the Greek island of Santorini isn't only a hot spot for honeymooners, but also for wine lovers! Not only is Santorini soil very fertile for wines due to its volcanic characteristics, but also it happens to offer breath-taking views over the Aegean Sea and the islands in front, which were formed by a massive volcanic eruption. Picturesque, don't you think?

If you're ever in Santorini, be sure to pay a visit to (at least) these two vineries: Santo Wines and Boutari Winery. The wines have definitely their own specific flavour that you can't find elsewhere! 

Santo Wines has the classic setting overlooking Caldera and the rest of the island:

Wine tasting @ Santo Wines Estate

2nd wine tasting in the middle of vineyards:
Boutari Estate

On our own terrace in Fira (totally worth picking up few good bottles from the supermarket down the road and enjoy the day away- inexpensively!):
@ Noni's Apartment

Have you ever had a moment or a place on your travels (or at home) where your perfect glass of wine was like a cherry on the top?

For us, this was one of those places!


Boutari Winery:

Santo Wines:

Noni's Apartments:


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