Iceland: Landing in Blue Lagoon

Jun 21, 2013
It’s been pretty much two months since we boarded the plane from Paris to Reykjavik- two months! Actually we’ve been pretty busy traveling ever since, but quite honestly I’ve been dreading to sit myself down and write about Iceland. But why? Because I didn’t know how exactly to do justice to this place, and losing most of my photo material on our second last day didn’t exactly help! Anyway, I’ve decided to split the trip in different sections in order to highlight the uniqueness of different places in Iceland- starting with the arrival to the world-renowned Blue Lagoon.

After putting months and months into the planning of this trip, we were beyond thrilled to board our plane on that Friday noon. It was hard to believe that in just a few hours we’d be actually floating in that warm, dreamy blue water (or hit the famous nightlife in Reykjavik for that matter)! We had booked a shuttle from the airport to the lagoon and later on to the town, and I have to say it was really hassle-free and convenient. From the airport to the lagoon is only about 20 minutes and the drive itself is pretty spectacular through the endless lava fields. In fact, when we were planning our trip Denis wasn’t quite convinced about going to the Blue Lagoon at all considering it being the biggest tourist trap destination of the country, but I kept insisting. And boy was I glad that I did- we ended up having the most incredible time chilling the entire afternoon in that magical geothermal water under a clear blue sky! In that afternoon, our love story with Iceland begun- and it only kept growing throughout the trip…

So in the end was it worth it? YES! Sure it is filled with tourists (such as ourselves) but it’s also pretty one of a kind experience (I think we also liked it so much because it was the very first thing we got to do in Iceland after getting out of the plane)! But we were pleasantly surprised by this place and loved getting our faced rubbed with the silica mud (which actually can be found along the bottom of the lagoon), taking sauna, getting a cold beer in the pool bar (which literally is in the lagoon), and just enjoying the unique experience. One thing’s for sure: It’s pretty hard to top this welcome to Iceland!

Did you make a stop at the Blue Lagoon on your visit to Iceland? How was it?


(Official page)

(Keflavik Airport- Blue Lagoon- Reykjavik)


  • Anonymous said...

    Awesome! I'd love to go one day- now I feel more inspired than ever! :D


  • Emma said...

    Glad you liked it!

    You should definitely go to Iceland and also to as many hot springs as possible! Blue Lagoon is the most touristic, but nevertheless worth the experience. You'll have no problem finding other more random spots as well! :)

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