Active in Nong Kwiah

Feb 19, 2014

After 4 days in Luang Mantha we were headed to Nong Kwiah. And the road there required travelling surviving 7 hours in a local bus. The road was pretty 'challenging' to say the least- the last stretch of 80km took about 4 hours! Nong Kwiah is located along the Nam Hou river and it's surrounded by beautiful karst mountains. The area is ideal for so many outdoor activities (like almost everywhere in Laos): hiking, tubing, kayaking, trekking, mountain biking, to name a few. Just pick your favourite one! Whatever you choose to do, you can end your day in a relaxing herbal sauna and enjoy a BeerLao or two while watching the sunset! 

Hike to a Viewpoint

Biking through villages

Amazing Scenery 

Muang Noi Neua

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Next destination's Luang Prabang...


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