Angkor Wat

Mar 23, 2014
Angkor Wat must be one of the most anticipated places to visit around Southeast Asia and surely it's been on top of our list as well. Not only it offers interesting cultural sighting, but it's also one of those places that is a dream for anyone interested in photography. We had a couple of days to go around the ancient temples and ruins, and also caught the world-renowned sunrise - I gotta tell you, it's bit of a far cry from the stunning pictures you see online once you're actually standing there...with hundreds of other overenthusiastic tourists with their cameras and cell phones! ;) All in all, aside from the unbearable heat and the crowd, it was an amazing experience altogether and one of those unforgettable must-do's you can check off your list...

Angkor Wat Sunrise

Preah Khan

Ta Prohm




Pre Rup


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