Layover in Krabi

Mar 9, 2014

Since our biker friends, Manue and Stephane, were having a little break in their world tour on tandem in Krabi, it turned out to be a good (timing) chance to see them again. Last time we saw each other was in August when they spent ten days in Finland with us. And ever since they've been taking the world on their bike - so as you can imagine, they have a story or two to tell! 

We had a couple of days together and so we got around Krabi/Ao Nang on scooters and also took part on this snorkelling tour. On our last night at the Krabi night market we happened to witness the "Miss LadyBoy Krabi" contest... Too bad we don't have pictures of the show ;)!

Other than that we all felt Krabi was way too packed of tourists, which kind of killed it for our a little bit...just look the amount of long tail boats!!! Here are a couple of photos from our friends...

4 Islands Tour

Chicken Island

Landscape and beaches are truly gorgeous but the drawback is you are definitely not alone in the area. More than 20 long tail boat touring on the same sites at the same moment. Sometimes the area seems more crowed than Utah beach during D-day...


{Photos by JL & Manue}


  • Anonymous said...

    Great time!!!
    Except it is more like duck island!
    We liked it so much, we are now on koh lanta and booked for a scuba diving introduction!
    Enjoy SR and Angkor wats! kisses to the blond beauty

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