Cambodian Coast

Apr 1, 2014
From Phnom Penh we planned to carry on towards the coast of Cambodia, and four hours drive there in a minivan didn't sound too bad at all. But little did we know... the drive turned out to be quite a race (read: heavy vehicles of all kind overtaking each other on a relatively narrow road, then add bunch of scooters, cattle and people crossing the road into the mix) and we were just happy to arrive in one piece to the coastal town of Sihanoukville

In a nutshell, the place itself is a plain backpacker party hub where quite disturbing sex tourism meets a sleazy town. The area around the Serendipity beach (where all the tourists hang) is quite ok with plenty of restaurants and bars, and since we were booked just next to the beach, we were good there. Also, we had heard that the nearby islands are gorgeous and wanted to get a little taste of them with a day cruise, which cost about 25$. Good news is that it was an all-inclusive thing (food on board, snorkelling etc.), but yet considering the price level of the country you're in, it was still a bit of a rip-off. 

Aside from the few drawbacks, we still managed to have real fun beach parties with travellers from all over, eat fresh seafood grilled right in front of us, enjoy close to free mojitos right next to the waves and get a feel of the beautiful nearby islands. After a couple of days we were in for a long (a good 14 hours to be exact) bus ride again, this time headed cross the boarder to Vietnam and its legendary city of Saigon (aka Hon Chin Minh City). 

Sokha Beach

Serendipity Beach 

Cruising Around the Islands (Koh Rong)

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