Downhill Biking

Jul 28, 2014
We generally love getting on bikes whenever possible, not only because it's a convenient way to see more of the new place, but also because it works as a good exercise and you get to be active. After touring around Bali with a car the previous day, we were excited to get on bikes and work our way through the rural countryside. Little did we know that the majority of the route would literally be downhill and instead of pedalling, we pretty much ended up rolling down the 3-hour pathway through little villages and scenic rice fields! Perhaps not the most efficient form of exercise, but definitely the best way to get in touch with the nature and see locals in their everyday activities. Not to mention the morning coffee we got to enjoy at yet another coffee plantation, the drive up to the volcano viewpoint, and the home-made lunch buffet at the end of the day...definitely a biking trip to remember! 

Morning glow over rice fields

Here are some of the highlights and landscapes along the way...

Morning Coffee & Tea

Biking through Rice Fields

 Volcanic Landscapes


Food fiesta in a Balinese home

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Downhill Biking
- You can easily find biking tours at any agent in Ubud (or other towns in Bali) and they arrange everything for you; pickup in the morning, breakfast, coffee stop, bike (+ helmet), guidance and information along the way, water, and a home-made lunch at the owner's home in the end.
- We really enjoyed it and so did my parents- there's really no age-limit for it as long as you know how to bike! It really is not demanding, because it's mainly downhill. They also follow the group with a van, so in case someone gets tired or gets a flat tyre etc. 


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