Singapore Zoo

Jul 10, 2014
Singapore's one of those cities that's not exactly bursting with must-sees and dos. And since we had plenty of time there, we decided to check out the zoo that is said to be one of the best zoos in the world; not only the animals live freely but the setting itself is quite spectacular in this beautiful rainforest. Honestly we're not very big on visiting zoos, partly because seeing animals in captivity is often just unappealing (especially in zoos where animals don't come as a top priority) and I guess the whole zoo-concept is more conceived for families with kids. This place was the contrary though, and we ended up having such a good time going around, checking out some really exotic animals. At one point we even got a tropical thunderstorm on us... and we're talking about some violent outbreak here! 

We barely had time to go through everything in one afternoon, but we still got to see some adorable furry friends goofing around, lions and a polar bear (!?) being fed, some biggest gross snakes in the world (they actually caught the king cobra just outside a golf course in Singapore!) and we even said hello to these two rare snow tigers! 

That being said, we would definitely recommend squeezing the zoo into a SP itinerary if time allows. It's the right place to let your inner child out and just go with it! :)

Here's couple of the funky guys we met...

It's all play in the Treetops...

Chimpanzees in their daily activities.

We watched these guys for a long time, and they were seriously intelligent figuring things out; they succesfully used tools to take out something to drink/ eat inside the rock. It's great that they challenge these chimps mentally and set them tools & obstacles to develop their skills. 

Dinner time for the King of the Jungle!

So many types of monkeys swinging in the trees, wait a minute, the one of the right has a cold? 

The fabulous Zebras

Giraffe and some playful orang-utans!

A mandrill

These guys have awesome noses, dont they?

The unique proboscis monkeys

Giant river terrapins

Selfie with a croc! Or is that a kangaroo? 

Mother & baby white rhinos and the majestic white tiger

As close as it gets to real-life dragons...

The sneaky snakes 

Pythons or cobras...Doesn't matter, both give me chills!

Komodo Dragon; a largest lizard in the world (up to 3m long).

Giant tortoises

This guy on the left is a mix of a crocodile and a turtle...

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All the information about the park & getting there in the links below:
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*Alternatively, in this same complex they have night- and river safaris:
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