Who Are We?

Apr 4, 2012

We're a multi-national travel couple who met six years ago somewhere between our escapades (up in Finland to be exact). Ever since, we've been inspiring each other to step out of our comfort zone and push towards new challenges. Aside from travelling we love hanging out with friends, enjoying good food & wine (and especially cooking), the great outdoors, and much more. Come find out what we've been up to and we most certainly want to find out about you!

Here's a little introduction of the two of us - meet...

The fun-loving Finn from the town of Lappeenranta who’s been living abroad for 10 years now. Her first trip was when she was few months old to northern Norway, and ever since she has travelled with her parents around Europe for a month each year. Safe to say, she’s been to most corners of Europe. After graduating from high school she got a one-way ticket to the US, packed her backpack and spent three months traveling the States, meeting new people. Soon after, she moved over to New York to be an au pair, and that was love at first sight. Later on she moved over to Germany to study in an international business program. Somewhere in between New York and Germany she met her partner in crime - Denis, and later settled with him to Paris, France. She masters five languages and speaks English, French and Finnish at home (and sometimes a very funny mix of all of the above). Other than that, she loves all things design (no wonder she likes Paris so much) and fashion – she’s a bit of a city girl if she wants to be. On the other hand she’s a total outdoor junkie who loves everything from summer activities to the most hardcore winter stuff! You can take a Finn out of Finland, but not Finland out of a Finn…or something like that ;)

The French counterpart, who loves all things French- fromage, charcuterie, vin…
He’s the ultimate mountain guy, who grew up in the highest town of Europe- Briancon. He loves outdoors in forms of cycling, hiking, alpine skiing, running - you name it! After graduating he headed to southern France to pursue his studies and lived in both; Aix En Provence and Albi (near Toulouse). How he got to Finland then? Well, he signed up for an Erasmus year in Lappeenranta – destined to meet his other half ;). After living up north for half a year, he came back to the land of real fromage (that he so missed while away), finished up his studies, and landed an internship in Paris. Furthermore, he got accepted to the IFP School in Rueil-Malmaison, which took us right to the suburban life and we made it our home here. Fast forward, Paris can be his nightmare at times, read: metro, boulot, dodo (metro, work, sleep). And now after five long years here, he’s not one hundred percent adjusted to the Parisian lifestyle. He shares the passion for traveling and in fact, if he’s not planning on a next trip, he’s probably on one. The thing is, he has way too many holiday days! Not that he’s complaining...

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