Trekking in Massif Central

Mar 23, 2012

Meanwhile Emma was in Finland, I decided to leave Paris for the weekend and go hiking in Massif Central. Even though it was winter, the weather was not so cold but I still needed some basic gear for this two day- and an overnight hike: a good sleeping back, tent, gas, stove...

I arrived in Volvic in the Saturday afternoon- after five hours train from Paris. I started the trail with Puy de Nugere: A short but very steep volcano. The rest of the hike was a succession of ascent and descent of several old volcanoes. As it was winter, the colors weren't as nice as they are during other seasons.

I continued walking till 6pm, and decided to set up my tent for the night near Puy Pariou.

After an early wake up around 6am, I had some breakfast and started to walk towards the summit of the Puy Pariou (1209m). This volcano is strombolian type and its crater forms almost a perfect circle.

Next in line, the most famous peak of the area- Puy de Dôme. Not only it was all covered in snow, but also it was way colder than the previous day, so I couldn't hang out too long at the top (1412m).

After a steep descent to reach the Col of Ceyssat, it was time for me to hitch hike to Clermont Ferrand railway station to catch a train back home.

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