Croatia: Island Hopping - Mljet

Jul 13, 2012

We had really been looking forward to this part of the trip, not only it would be out of the main tourist stream, but also one of the last unspoilt and pristine islands in the Dalmatian archipelago. A short ferry later we arrived to the little port of Polače, the tiny village with only few guesthouses and restaurants. Our place for the night was just down the beach road- this meant we could have a night swim just across the street! This night was the night, as we extended the boat party into an all-nighter and honestly who would’ve known; this place was the least obvious choice screaming for a party, but with a good posse it turned out to be the most unforgettable one.

In the morning we were totally ready to explore the national park. We rented bikes and off we were to get around this natural wonderland with two saltwater lakes, pine forests, clear blue waters, monastery on one of the islands, and a bike route leading through all of that and leading us to the most quiet and isolated spots imagined. After climbing up a huge hill, we finally descended down to the lake-side and from there on we followed a nice bike path next to the waterfront. All of us felt the heat but thankfully we could just pull our bikes aside and jump into the water pretty much everywhere. Finally we found this stunning isolated spot, half shade, half sun, but above all, water. This is when we started our own urban legend of the monster of Mljet. As the story goes: we were all in the water when suddenly one of us felt something moving below the feet. We tried to figure out whether it was just a slimy rock or actually a freaky living being. In the end, we had sticks and stones to test it but every time we got scared away by it…;) So, of course we created our own story about it- who wouldn’t have?

We were on the bikes again, heading to the other side of the lakes this time. The path was probably 20 meters above the lake, and the colors down were striking. Our last stop was on the canal that combines the lakes to the sea, and the place couldn’t have been any more perfect. The guys actually swam across the canal and back, although it was quite a stretch. In the end of the day, the entire experience of biking along the picturesque natural park was just so out of this world in so many levels- most definitely worth the sweat.

Back in Polače harbor, we had some time to kill and as always, we made the best of it. Safe to say, we lost our hearts to the paradise island of Mljet and its monster…

Now, there is a saying of last but not the least, and in our case this was most certainly the case. We were off to Dubrovnik.


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