Croatia: Island Hopping – Korčula

Jul 12, 2012

The sun had started to set as the ferry arrived to Korčula, the alleged birthplace of inspirational traveler Marco Polo. The harbor was just next to the old town, which made it easy for us to look for the apartments we would be staying in. The fact that the old town’s actually inside of the fortifications little higher up, gives the place an extra touch of distinctiveness. So basically if you follow the walls you will end up walking around the old center- and there are so many restaurants and small shops along this loop. We found our place right next to all the restaurants, and got a very warm welcome from the owners- it turned out to be a huge two-bedroom apartment with kitchen and a living space with views right down to the sea. It was really convenient to get down stairs and be instantly in the middle of the lively restaurant street and just pick a place to sit down in. It really is such a cool setting for all these restaurants; you can sit down to have your dinner overlooking the calm, night sea with just a few lights over the horizon. Later as we got around the very heart of the old town, we noticed how calm it really was compared to Hvar or other places we had been so far (the places also closed up way earlier). One really cool place to visit in the night is the tower bar (it’s on the walls in one of the city wall's towers), and you must climb these steep ladders to get up there. A very cool vibe and even better views- drinks weren’t bad either

It's a pleasant thing to wake up, open your shutters and have the Adriatic Sea literally glittering below you! As it wasn’t good enough, the owner had set the tables ready outside and we had some freshly made crepes, juice and coffee for breakfast. 

Our plan for the day was to get one of those little boats and cruise around the surrounding islands and eventually go to shore in Lumbarda, a small coastal village less than 10km from Korčula, known for its vineyards and beaches. The day turned out to be such a boat party- we had an absolute blast with the most gorgeous swim spots ever, and just thoroughly enjoyed the day out on the boat. On the route to Lumbarda there are plenty of islands, such as Badija, Planjak and Vrnik, all that have fantastic waters around them and offer great backdrops for taking in the scenic landscapes.

Finally, after all day out, it was time to return to the harbour and get on the ferry to Mljet...

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