Let it Snow

Dec 25, 2012

‘Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow’ is pretty much all we're wishing for throughout December before departing the flight up to Finland. Most of the time it works.

It may seem like the darkest time of the year in the north with days being short and light scarce, but what’s lacked in daylight is certainly made up for in atmosphere. Everyone’s putting up lights on their windows and gardens, and not to mention the power of positive thinking- getting a white Christmas. Suddenly the darkest time of the year is transformed into the most beautiful time of the year with frosty nature, stars shining in the cold night sky and festive holiday decorations embellishing houses inside out. It’s no wonder I can’t truly get in touch with my inner holiday spirits until I’ve come home. But it’s not all about the holidays, coming home means also getting to enjoy the real winter and all the activities it brings along. That’s something we both miss a lot living in a big city!

Other than that Christmas is all about enjoying the moment, being close to family, eating well and, of course, taking as many rounds in sauna as possible. There’s not much more that can bring you to the total state of relaxation, is there?

And you never know…if you happen to be in a right place at a right time you just may catch a glimpse of those dazzling northern lights… *fingers crossed*.


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