Ski Vacation in the Alps

Mar 4, 2013

Over the past years we have somewhat formed a new tradition of getting together with both families in Briançon for a fun week of winter activities. This year was no different, as we spent a good week with our families enjoying the great wintry outdoors!

We fit in pretty much everything from snowshoeing to snowboarding, and from relaxing in hot baths and saunas to pushing up a mountain pass with traditional cross-country skis. Here are the highlights of our outdoorsy week and some of the photos- enjoy!

Day 1 

Les Combes with snowshoes

Day 2 

Climbing the mountain pass Col d’Izoard with traditional skis; one of my all time favorites for not only being scenic but equally good exercise!

Day 3  

Cross-country skiing from Cervières to Les Fonds via Les Chalps; after a steep climb, there’s a stunning valley leading to a small village. Also, a great ride down!

Guys went to Serre Chevalier slopes for a day of Alpine skiing & snowboarding; pretty amazing views from the top…

Day 4 

Snowshoes walk up to Refuge Buffère; we had a lunch on their snowy terrace- fun!

Day 5 

We decided to treat ourselves for a spa day in Les Grands Bains du Monêtier in Le Monêtier-Les-Bains; multiple saunas, pools, hammams and outdoor hot pools overlooking some of the highest peaks of Les Ecrins National Park. Later in the night we had a delicious dinner in the old town of Briancon – traditional food by a fireplace!

Day 6  

We got on our skis again to get to one of our favorite refuges – Laval. Our little break there included a plate of cold cuts & cheeses, a cup of hot wine and a fireplace that warmed us up pretty nicely. Oh, and the way there & back wasn’t too bad either…

Back at home we had a festive multi-course meal prepared by Denis' mother... Un grand merci!

Day 7 

As the Finnish part of the family had to head back home, me and Denis thought we would just rent pair of skis to push up again the Col d’Izoard for some good sweat. Plus, this time we enjoyed a nice lunch up in the Refuge Napoleon, so romantic!

Day 8 

On our last day before taking our train back to Paris, we drove to Col du Lautaret mountain pass and walked around. Although we didn’t have much time for anything more that day, it was fun to watch all the ski touring groups coming down the slopes and especially ski-gliding looked like lot of fun!

We love winter sports around Southern Alps not only because there are plenty to do, but also because most of the time it’s clear blue sky and days are actually pretty warm! What’s there not to like…

What's your favourite winter activity or place to go and enjoy the snow? Share with us! 


Rentals in / around Briançon:

You can find skis / snowshoes / snowboard etc. rental places in down town Briançon and also in almost every village around it.

Serre Chevalier has a great variety of rental places along the valley.

Cervières also has a rental office next to the road (information point and parking).

Prices are not expensive – for instance a daily rate for snowshoes is about 8€.

Alpine Skiing:

- An excellent restaurant with traditional food, lots of meat specialties that are grilled on the fireplace next to you. Really delightful- well recommended!
For more:
Serre Chevalier

Bon appétit!


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