Wintry Finland

Feb 11, 2012

Winter's always been a big part of my life, growing up in a northern country does not only teach you to handle the cold but also to love what it has to offer. Thus it probably doesn't come as a big surprise that some of my favorite hobbies and activities require snow & ice! Every winter for a short period of time I consider us unfortunate not to be able to go ski after work or take a walk in a snowy nature, but then the spring kicks in early and we're all happy again ;). Good thing is that the winter is only few hours train or plane away and this time I took the February just for that- my favorite wintry things to do.

Lots of skiing, snowshoeing, long distance skating and just walking outside in the cold. My mum especially enjoyed having me around because now she would have always someone to go ski with after work. On the weekends we did some longer ski trips; sometimes on fields, other times in forests, and we got to even ski on the lake. There are endless tracks for both skiing and skating on the lakes, and sometimes if there's not too much snow, you can ski on the lake without any existing tracks!

Being home is great and you get to appreciate it even more once you don't get to chance to see your family and friends whenever you want. It's great to be able to just show up at my grandma's place and hang with her the afternoon- or call up your friend you haven't seen in a long while and meet for a coffee. Unfortunately somewhere between the weeks we all caught a flu, and we weren't really able to do as much, but as I wasn't hit that hard, I was still able to ski a good hour every day before going to warm up in a sauna (another thing we really miss having).

Sooner than we noticed, it was time to start packing again- my parents were coming with me back to France for their spring vacation! This time there were no goodbyes at the airport as we were all boarding to the same destination, and so we were fast-forwarding to the spring that was waiting for us in Paris. Crazy what a few hours flight can do...

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