Friends from Travels

Apr 21, 2013
The aspect of meeting people and making new friendships on the road is probably one of the most rewarding one. Living exciting moments together, sharing past stories and planning on future rendezvous with people from all over the world is not only fun but also what makes it all worth while. One of our favourite saying states that "travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer"- and looking back at all the moments with each and every one of these guys definitely made our trips- and lives richer. Thanks guys!

Tina & Bastian (Netherlands)
Met in Southeast Asia...
Initially met in Northern Thailand and later in Malacca, Malaysia. 

Agatha (Singapore)
Met in Halle (Germany)
We used to be roommates back in Germany and it's always fun to see each other again!

Mikki & Robin (Australia)
Met in Budapest (Hungary)
We had the pleasure of showing them around in Paris!

Donna & Craig (South-Africa)
Met in Göreme in Sunset Cave (Turkey)
In Göreme upon their departure

Rachael & Christian (US, Netherlands)
Met during Erasmus year in Lappeenranta (Finland)
In Korcula, Croatia

Aga & Jacob (Poland)
Met in Toubkal Refuge @ 3200m (Morocco)
In Marrakesh

Stacey & Alan (New Zealand, Australia)
Met in Göreme (Cappadocia, Turkey) 
In the Southern French Alps

Salih & Bekir (Turkey)
Met in Alhambra Palace in Granada (Spain)
Later met him again in Istanbul 

Christina "Smitty" (US, California)
Met in Paris for the first time...
Later travelled together in the Greek islands...

Manue & Stephan (France)
Met in Albi (Southern France)
Hiking in Auvergne 

Olena, Kevin & Nadja (Ukraine, US, Bulgaria)
In fact we all met while studying abroad
At Octoberfest in Stuttgart

Caitlin, Joe & Stephanie (Canada)
Met in Guinness Factory, Dublin
At Guinness Panorama bar

Julie & Michael (US, California)
Met in a train from Brussels to Amsterdam
In Brouwerij 't IJ, Amsterdam

Did you also meet awesome people on the road? Did you stay in touch with them?

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