Planning: Southeast Asia 2014

Apr 28, 2013


Q & A

January / February till beginning of June 2014

Where & For how long?
4 months:  Thailand (Northern parts)- Laos- Vietnam- Cambodia- Thailand (Bangkok + islands)- Malaysia- Singapore- Indonesia (Bali & Lombok)- Japan

Food. Nature. People. Culture all in all.

What we'll be doing?
Chilling under coconut tree on a perfect white sand beach such as Ko Lipe during the grey and cold winter months in Europe...

Where we start / end?
Bangkok - Tokyo

Few highlights?
 Exploring Angkor in Cambodia. Cruising the Halong Bay and trekking in Vietnam. Island hop and discovering the secret lagoons in Thailand. Riding bicycle throughout the karstic mountains in Laos. Spend a day at the Elephant Sanctuary in northern Thailand. Rollin' down the river at the Golden Triangle. Chilling one week in a luxurious villa in Bali. Hike in Lombok. Sip a drink on the rooftop of Bangkok. Local food tasting at the floating river market. And finally ending our trip to one of the most fascinating countries in the world- Japan! 

To further stir our excitement, we collected few photos from the internet:

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Bali, Lombok, Luang Prabang

Thailand beaches

Rooftop bar in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore skyline

Elephant sanctuary (northern Thailand), floating river market in Delta Mekong, rice fields in Sapa, Vietnam
{all photos retrieved from the internet}

Now, can you see why we're getting so stoked about this trip...? 

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