Spanish Tapas – A Dish Not To Miss

Apr 28, 2013

Anyone who’s ever been to Spain knows the importance of tapas. Originating from Andalusia, we only felt suitable to make sure that’s all we ate throughout our Andalusia road trip.

The tapas plate can vary from heftier hot entries to cold more appetizer types, and can contain anything from vegetables (bell peppers, onions etc.) to meats and fishes (squids, ox, etc.). The common scenario for eating tapas would be in a small-ish tavern that’s crowded (and loud!) from hungry Spaniards, either during lunch hours or late in the evening (although there also plenty gastronomic restaurants offering 'fancier' adaptations of this very traditional dish). As once created to enhance drinking and courting, this still remains as the main character: it is easier to associate over a tapas plate than over a huge meal (there’s more time for talking than chewing!).  We absolutely loved all tapas we had the pleasure of tasting, and we could equally start calling our Andalusia road trip Andalusia tapas barhopping. After all, we must’ve spent the same amount of time in a tapas bar than on the road- it only makes sense, right?

Here are some bits and pieces of our Spanish culinary experience:

Buen provecho! 

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