Switzerland - Grüezi Zurich!

May 8, 2013

A hub for not only international bank accounts, but also for cuckoo clocks, Swiss army knives, delicious chocolate, Swiss cheese, lakes, mountains and so much more- no wonder Switzerland and in particular Zurich is repeatedly ranked as one of the best places to live! For the rest of us it translates into one of the most expensive travel destinations, but there is always a way to make even the most expensive cities more affordable, it all comes down to own preferences and choices. Although I must admit that even though we did not splurge on anything during our day in Zurich, we still ended up spending a good amount of money…

For us, visiting Zurich wasn’t too much about its actual sites and museums, but more about its beautiful lakeside setting and cool “small town” vibe. We happened to have the most gorgeous summer day (for May that’s pretty lucky) while there, which gave our fun-filled day an extra boost!

Arriving with a train is super convenient in Zurich, because it brings you right down town- you can basically start shopping just across the street on one of the main shopping streets, Bahnhofstrasse! Only a short stroll later there’s Lindenhof, which is a one of the districts of old town, and has a little hill Lindenhofplatz in the middle of it overlooking the Limmat River and the other side of the old town, to Niederdorf

From there you can follow the little narrow and winding streets to some of the most famous landmarks of the town such as the Fraumünster, Grossmünster, and St. Peter’s Churches. But even just getting around the old town can be such a pleasure with all the exquisite buildings, surprising alleyways, little plazas and typical boutiques.

Without a doubt, one of our favorite things was the walk along the Lake Zurich on its eastern shore (Seefeld): having lunch from a street stall and eating by the water, admiring the well-maintained park side promenade, sipping a locally brewed beer at a quirky little eatery, and just watching happy, outdoorsy people going about their days. No wonder this part of the town is one of the most popular and expensive places when it comes to house- and rental prices!

Another cool part of the town is Niederdorf (eastern side of the river) with endless little bars, restaurants and shops. Its narrow alleys will surprise you again and again, and its charming atmosphere will make you want to just sit down on one of its many terraces and soak in the lively street life of Zurich. Finally, on a nice summer day it’s worth visiting one of Zurich's beer gardens- if not for the sake of beer, at least for the sake of the cultural intake ;)

The absolute best of this city, though, must be its brilliant environment and surroundings! From the lakeside on a clear day you can see the snowy Alps, and just around the city there are plenty of hills to get around to, hike or just go for the views. There are just countless activities one can undertake, from nautical to mountaineering and pretty much anything in between! All of that combined with a city break – now that’s hard to beat…

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