The Swiss Jura

May 9, 2013
We also did some outdoors while in Switzerland, and for the first hike our friends took us to the Swiss Jura- to the French-speaking canton of Neuchâtel. The place is called Creux du Van and it’s a beautiful hike that takes you up to this stunning amphitheater-shaped cliff through green and lush forest. After few hours walk you reach a plateau where is a refuge/ tavern that offers hands down the best fondue known to humankind! Seriously, if you ever get there- ask for the cheese fondue with mushrooms (maybe sounds weird but it’s so delicious)! Also, we had a good local beer and a plate of cold cuts, all worth tasting! On the way back we followed the cliff that is pretty majestic with vertical drop of about 150 meters down and such wonderful views all over the valley down…

There's so much to love about Jura: The two varying colours of green that makes the lush forests so pretty, the unpredictable and sudden cliffs that follow after long flat areas, and the relatively low altitude. All of which makes it such a great hiking spot for spring time- and apparently a great spot for cross country skiing in the winter! 

Also, to our surprise, we spotted quite a few ibex chilling on the edge- at least these animals are not afraid of heights, that’s for sure! All in all, the hike took us about six hours including the almost two hours stay at the refuge, and finally we still had about two hours drive back to Baden (direction Zürich). A long, but awesome day with three things we love the most: friends, nature and food! ;)


Creux du Van
- Hiking tips and good, detailed description of the walk


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