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May 31, 2013
In fact my travel stories go all the way back to my childhood, when I was around six years old. My mum used to encourage my brother and I to keep a travel diary so that when we grew up, we would have something to look back to. Fast-forward to years later, Denis and I first we came up with the idea of blogging a good year ago while traveling frequently. We barely spent an entire week at home at times and were constantly living out of the suitcase.

Naturally, we had also been reading a number of travel blogs about places where we were heading to, and always found them really helpful and refreshing. After all, it’s like getting tips and ideas from someone who’s already been there! Also, we thought it would be nice to reminisce one day and look back at our journeys and read about the adventures. So, about a year ago, somewhere in between our travels we started actually writing stuff down like what we had been doing and places we had been to, and this is how it all got started…

Manual trip journals still exist 

Today, these are not the only reasons anymore for trying to develop the blog, but nevertheless still the main ones. Additionally, we have come to notice that it’s a lot of fun to interact with fellow travellers and exchange experiences from around the world! We never realized how humongous of a network there is out there, and all these adventurers who also want to do the exact same thing- share their stories. What a fantastic way to connect with people alike!

Another aspect to blogging for us was a rising interest to photography, which started around the same time as the initial idea of a blog. Although we had always been into taking photos on our trips, I think getting hands on our first DSLR really did the trick. In reality, we had had the camera quite a while before we actually started experimenting with things we could do with it- and once we got started there was no stopping us! We’re still learning a whole lot of new things every day and it’s truly an ongoing (long-term) process. We sure hope the upcoming trips will serve us as good learning experiences. At the end of the day, it only makes sense to tie these two pursuits together in order to be and get inspired by all the beauty we see on the road, and to forever hold on to the most precious moments we've come to experience.

One of the books that inspired us for travel photography

My ultimate goal would be to work in the field of travel in terms of writing, photographing and/ or editing for online or printed magazines, and to get closer to my dream career, I've been thinking about signing up for the Matador Network Travel writing / photography class (possibly both) to learn and develop, get feedback straight from professionals, and to further build up the network...

Why did you start blogging? Or have you ever participated on any writing / photography class? Was it worth it? 


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Lonely Planet’s Guide To Travel Photography:


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