Paris {8th}: Parc Monceau

Jun 6, 2013
There are probably as many opinions about summer in the city as there are people in it- some say it’s the best time to enjoy what Paris has to offer and some claim it to be too hot and too full of tourist (when Paris isn’t full of tourists, anyway). Well, I second all the above as it truly can be at its best and worst depending what you’re up to! For strolling around and having picnics in one of its many parks- definitely count into our favourite things to do, but at the same time it can get pretty frustrating as the temperature rises and there’s just no better place than a beach, right…?

Nevertheless, meet the gem of the 8th arrondissement - Parc Monceau! It’s small and sophisticated, and furthermore offers an English Garden type experience inside of the French capital. Whether you’d like to just kick off your shoes and relax on its green lawns or let your eye rest on some of its beautiful architectural features, this quaint and alluring park will let you do that and much more…

Bienvenue au Parc Monceau!


How to get there?
Line 2 - Monceau

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