Corsica - Around Ajaccio

Sep 9, 2013

Unexpected, unplanned things are sometimes the best ones in life, right? Well, here’s one: Our little fall getaway to the Mediterranean island of Corsica! It just so happened that Denis needed to go there for work for few days and we ended up having seven days of splendid escapade! We hopped on a sunrise flight out of Paris on Sunday morning and arrived to Ajaccio (capital of Corsica) just an hour and half later- talking about convenience. As much as we were unprepared and disorientated that day, we ended up having such good Sunday exploring the coastline south from Ajaccio including little scenic hike  and dip into the clear blue sea. 

Views from Torra di Capu di Muru
Towards Ajaccio
Torra di Capu di Muru
From the hiking trail
Little turquoise bays
Isolella beach
Night falls over Ajaccio port

Harbor of Ajaccio

Cours Napoléon

Unfortunately along with a work trip comes some work- what a bummer! I on the other hand fully enjoyed the beautiful day and took the full advantage of the poolside (considering this was our first holiday to south this year).  Fortunately for Denis, the Corsicans are not too keen on long working hours and we were still able to go around on Monday once he was done. From Ajaccio there are couple of things worth getting around to like Capo de Feno and Iles Sanguinaires as well as Tour de la Parata that offers the best views over this island group. And not just any views because if you happen to be there in time for sunset, you’ll be in for something surreal and mystical! We had the best possible ending for the nice day as we watched the sun plummeting to the sea and afterwards dined on the beach...

Capo de Feno beach
After work picnic
Wild beaches
Splashing waves 
Iles Sanguinaires - Archipelago
Views from the Tour de la Parata
Sunset Watch
Nature Fireworks

On Tuesday massive clouds rolled over Ajaccio but it wasn’t until later in the afternoon that it started to rain. And rain it did- all night! Luckily we had a supermarket right next-door and a nice apartment with all the kitchen facilities so that we could whip up a proper dinner anyway. Actually we ended up having a nice relaxing night with even a night dip into a hot pool, so we didn't complain...

Home away from home
Views from our balcony

Besides we were in for something so exciting the following day- the road trip


Around Ajaccio:
Do you know why Corsicans are particularly proud of Ajaccio? It's the birthplace and childhood home for Napoléon!

General information (Lonely Planet)

Da Mama (Ajaccio downtown)

Tip: There are plenty good restaurants along the port area, and also if you continue on road D111 (route des Sanguinaires) you can find places directly on the beach (but you need a car)

Still need to do:
Visit Bonifacio
Gorgeous coastal town in the south of the island known for its dramatic cliffs


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