Trick or Treat?

Oct 23, 2013
It's that time of the year that evenings are are getting darker by a day and soon we are adjusting our clocks backward an hour, which means even shorter days. Good news is that we can start putting up candles to brighten up the dark and if you're into Halloween, well, it's almost time to start the hunt for that perfect pumpkin! But living in France comes with few challenges when it comes to finding it because Halloween isn't much of a big deal here. Last year I was determined to overcome the challenge and I was dedicated to find my Jack-o'-lantern- and find I did! After going through some gardening markets and all kinds of florist shops where they display pumpkins but don't actually always sell them, I stumbled upon my pumpkin over at this fruit & vegetable store (which kinda makes sense now) on Rue Mouffetard. For like 5€! This year I'll head over to the same place and have my fingers crossed...

Anyhow, below you can see my last years (and very first one) craft, which probably looks like a creation of a five-year-old but nevertheless it brought plenty Halloween mood into our living room- and that's what really counts! :)

Happy pumpkin hunt for all Halloween lovers near and far! If you have any cool ideas for the pumpkin decorations, go ahead and send it my way!

My light-filled Jack was evil last year...

Did you manage to find your pumpkin here in Paris?


Find some cool carving ideas and tips from Martha Stewart (who else, right?!)


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