Fast & Furious

Oct 24, 2013
A couple of weeks back we had a fun and rare occasion to get a good taste on very fast and furious vehicles. My brother who's pretty obsessed with cars in general got this little birthday gift from his girlfriend to try out three different sports cars on a racetrack outside of Paris. So, on this fine Saturday morning we all squeezed into our tiny Fiat500 rental and headed about 40 kilometers south of Paris to the circuit of Montlhéry to make his long-term dream come true! What we didn't expect was a little introduction spin on a Maserati that we all could join, and we totally went for it thinking we would just get a nice ride in a really nice car. I mean, how often do you get offered a ride in a luxury sports car? It wasn't until the driver accelerated to 250km/h within a few seconds that we started to regret the offer...;) Later when the ride was over he told us he used to pilot for Williams F1 back in the day - like he couldn't share that piece of information before he went all lunatic on the track? Oh well, in the end we enjoyed it a bit...

As for my brother, he had two rounds (1.8km/lap) with each car; Audi R8, Ferrari F430 and Lamborghini Gallardo (see the package here). The three of us who were there as the audience thought it was rather short-lived amusement for the price, but he seemed totally into it and I quote "How could you ever put a price tag on such experience!?". And so it goes without saying that for him it was priceless!


Find out more about Pole here.
Tip: They offer introductions in English for extra 30€. 


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