Paris {20th}: Belleville

Nov 17, 2013
The Northeast of Paris may not be the most common hangout place for majority of folks, but stripping down the prejudice, it can be just the fun afternoon you were looking for! Whether it's the sizzling street art on Rue Dénoyez, eating Chinese for lunch or taking in the views in the quaint park of Belleville (parc de Belleville), this neighborhood is definitely up-and-coming. It's just a stone's throw away from many cool places like parc des Buttes Chaumont, the famous cemetery Père Lachaise, or  Canal St. Martin - you name it! If you're an artsy person wishing to see more of an alternative Paris or just simply looking to discover the diversity this city has to offer, this is the place to find all the above. 

Rue Dénoyez

Parc de Belleville

 Have you been to Belleville? What do you think of this neighborhood? 


How to get there?
Line 2 - Couronnes, Belleville
Line 11 - Pyrénées 


  • Alan said...

    Really interesting. Wish I had seen this before my last trip to Paris. Keep it coming guys :-)

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