'Tis the Season to be Jolly

Dec 16, 2013
This year we took an early start for all the Christmas stuff (honestly, I always do...) in order to enjoy this magical time of the year at our own place with friends we're not going to see in many months once we're off to our new year's adventure. And the past couple of weeks have been so much fun strolling around Christmas markets, eating good meals, drinking some home-made hot wine and most importantly having little pre-christmas get-togethers. Last but not least we've had a lot of downtime to truly appreciate all the comforts of own home- I'm guessing that's something we'll miss once we're far away  for a longer period of time. So it's been a lot of movie nights on the couch and cooking meals just the two of us. 

Now, having only couple of weeks left on the French soil, the reality of this upcoming Southeast Asia trip is definitely stepping in. We've started making lists of what we need and we've already done a little trial packing in order to have the classic "oh my gosh my luggage is small" and "let me get rid of half of this stuff..." moments of desperation.  Well, quite frankly I'm just speaking for myself and not so much for Denis ;). In the meanwhile we still need to think about other kind of packing too, as we're heading for the Alps for Christmas and in January we're off to Finland for couple of weeks before heading out to this trip. Such an odd feeling to be thinking about holiday gifts, skiing and flip flops all at once...

But before I get into all that travel frenzy, here's a little peek into our pre-christmas with some traditional dishes, decorations and a couple of silly photos from our mini shoot for holiday cards...:)

How do you prepare for Christmas?

"It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air."


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