Batu Caves

Jul 2, 2014
Just outside of Kuala Lumpur lies an exciting Hindu complex of temples and shrines. What makes it so interesting is that it's all hidden inside of three main caves and at the entrance there is a huge golden Murugan statue. And that's not all - in order to get to the main cave, one must climb almost 300 steep stairs and few more to reach the temples inside. It's also more of a rule than exception to get greeted by some furry friends on the way up there! These monkeys are friendly but they're constantly on the lookout for food...and who knows, maybe for some nice sunglasses ;)! 

Overall we thought that this place doesn't only offer "a religious sight", but together with the surrounding limestone hills, it makes for a beautiful half-day escapade that combines culture and nature. And if you happen to like Indian food, then you've come to right place...

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Batu Caves 
More information about the caves (how to get there etc.) here
On TripAdvisor here

- There are plenty places (restaurants and food stalls) just outside the main entrance.


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