Old Meets New - Kuala Lumpur {Part I}

Jul 2, 2014
It's hard to imagine that Kuala Lumpur, or more familiarly KL, was a small remote town only 150 years ago. Nowadays anyone who comes here knows that it represents the ultimate Asian cyber-city where many transcontinental cultures, people and architectural styles meet. On the newer side of the town (KLCC) you can see the modern if not even futuristic skyscrapers forming a flourishing business district with the centrepiece being the iconic Petronas Twin Towers. A short monorail ride away lies the older part of the city that has its own unique melange of influences including Islamic, British, Chinese and Indian. It's the coolest thing to walk down a street and see mosques, churches and different temples all coexisting next to each other. And that's the bottom line why Kuala Lumpur has such a fascinating cityscape; nowhere else is the word melting pot as fitting as in this very city

The diversity doesn't end here, as it's deeply rooted in people and food culture, too. The sky's the limit when making dinner plans as you can indulge your appetite with anything from the finest dining to grabbing a bite in a small Arabic deli. I would claim this place has something for every taste and for every budget. Speaking of which, not only can you find cheap food and free sights here, but KL has some of the most affordable upscale hotels in the world! So choosing to splurge here is slightly more affordable than going overboard in Singapore...;)! 

Although the city is pretty spread out, it's still easy to get around each area of the town and we could pretty much cover the most parts by foot. In case the walking in heat gets too hard there is always the Monorail system, the air-conditioned pedestrian bridge, and taxis on hand. Hailing a cab is quite easy and let's just say we had some of the funniest taxi drivers of the entire trip in Kuala Lumpur! These guys would chat up with us about anything and everything - from football to their family vacation spots! 

I can't tell whether it was the eating out in the early morning hours in bustling hawker stalls, strolling in the quiet tropical gardens, catching a late-night movie after a shopping spree, sipping cocktails in sky bars or the general positive energy of this city...but one thing's for sure: We totally loved every bit of it- both old and new stuff! And everything in between.

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Merdeka Square / Old Town

Colourful Chinatown

Lake Gardens

Blend of Styles

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- Cosy boutique style B&B, simple breakfast included. We shared a family suite (for 4) for couple of nights, which was affordable and practical. Great location in the Golden Triangle w/ restaurants all around, close to the Monorail stop and within a walking distance to Bukit Bintang entertaining & shopping district and KLCC (via pedestrian bridge - more here). 

General Information
- Schedules and information for transportation.
- This is a good place to start your visit; they have everything from interactive maps to city's miniature models and you can get a good sense of KL here. Situated right on the Merdeka Square. Well recommended! 


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