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Jul 31, 2014
Recently we've come to realise that our blog's layout isn't the most user-friendly out there. We've been having problems with the layout and it seems like there's no way to make it work properly, and so we'll be probably updating it in the near future.

Now, the main issue with the layout is that when you click on some of the sections, say, "TRAVELS", it only shows few entries at a time (regardless that we programmed it to show 9 on each page). There's a little arrow in the bottom right corner that you need to press in order to see more posts. Very frustrating

If you happen to know about layouts for Blogger or where to find good ones, we'd be glad to hear about it!


- The front page where the latest blog entires appear (as I mentioned above, there should always be 9 entries but out of some reason it always shows fewer).

- Here you can find our contact information and few other posts related to us/ this blog.

- This is where all the travel-related posts are appearing.

- I wanted to make a selection of all the countries that exist on this blog so it would be straightforward to navigate to a chosen country.

- This is a section where we post only pictures. Hopefully getting more content soon!

- Since it's our "home town", we often have posts about it and so it makes sense not to mix it with the TRAVELS section.

- So this is a folder where all the rest of the posts, that don't fit to any of the above categories, fall. Everyday stuff, drinks & foods and all other events not necessarily related to travels...


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