Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Jul 30, 2014
We had now spent almost a week in the Ubud area and it had been nothing short of adventurous. It really is a great spot in the heart of Bali that has so much to offer in terms of activities, culture and the marvellous nature. I don't even think it's possible to leave this place without thinking "wow, that was something else"- our thoughts exactly in the morning of the departure. 

But we just couldn't leave without checking out one more place that we had passed by on the road but never actually made a proper stop at: Tegalalang rice terrace. So to fix that, we hopped on a taxi early in the morning and drove to the scene. It was breathtaking to stand on the edge of this steep rice terrace that seemed to stretch out in all directions. We got down the cliff to the bottom and walked back up again on the other side of the field- and it felt like we were all alone in this vertical labyrinth. In the end we were really glad we came, because we thought this was probably even prettier than the famous Jatiluwih rice terrace we had seen before...

All in all this felt like a good way to end our time in Ubud and Bali (for now), leave the lush greeneries behind us and welcome a different kind of paradise- the Gili islands. So bittersweet

Morning in Tegalalang

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How to get there?
This rice terrace is located just north of Ubud in Tegalalang village. It's on the main road towards Kintamani (the base for hiking/ volcano landscapes/ start of biking tours etc.). The easiest way to get  there is via tour (because it's often on the way) or hiring a taxi from where you are. We took a taxi from Ubud, and it took us about half an hour each way, plus a good hour to walk around the fields. 

Tip: Get there early and beat both- crowd and the heat!


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