Old Meets New - Kuala Lumpur {Part II}

Jul 3, 2014
No trip to Kuala Lumpur is complete without standing and marvelling at least once at the bottom of its most famous landmark - The Petronas Towers. So what makes these two so famous, I mean they're just skyscrapers, right? In fact they used to be the world's tallest skyscrapers for six years and even now that they've lost their title of the highest building, they still dominate the KL skyline and continue reflecting the modern face of the city.

This city's under rapid development and its cityscape is constantly updating as new high-rise buildings are being constructed. It's all happening there just before your eyes and it's actually fascinating to see how different Southeast Asian metropolis are going kind of head-to-head with another to each top the other with the next best thing - be it the latest high-tech device or the next highest building. And in my humble opinion, they're most of the time already a step ahead of us in the western world when it comes to this sort of developments.

For us, this type of vivacious city was just what we needed after a month of island-hopping and living low-key beach bum-style. It was so much fun to get lost in the massive shopping malls, dress up a notch better, chill in some rooftop bars, catch a movie in a neat cinema and I mean I guess what I'm saying is that it was kinda fun to just enjoy this type of stuff for a change.

All that said, I think the Malay board of tourism did a good job outlining their slogan (that's visible everywhere) - "Malaysia, Truly Asia".

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Iconic Petronas Twin Towers


Rooftop Bars

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Bars & Restaurants
SkyBar (Traders Hotel)


"Affordable luxury" - if you plan to be spoiled somewhere, make it KL! 


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