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Jul 11, 2014
Singapore, oh Singapore. Home for all kinds of warning signs and odd rules (bringing chewing gum is a crime), polite people, diverse food and those oh-so-smelly fruits also knowns as durians. Just to clarify, it's a fruit they love so much that it is forbidden everywhere - in taxis, metros...and even on a street (although they do find a way to consume it anyway, even as an ice-cream version!). Why am I talking about this? Well, imagine anything rotten and then place it everywhere, and there you go! Not even sure which is worst, the Parisian smell (read: urine) or this. But it's not the only scent that comes across in Singapore though - thank goodness. This place has world renowned haute cuisine along with its top-notch hawker centres. And perhaps I'm being too harsh on the durians, too, because we did try them once and they weren't as appalling as the smell would suggest...

Nevertheless, I'd advice to stick with other food choices as there are plenty of yummy things to choose from and places to catch a delicious bite. Just like its neighbour Malaysia, Singapore's food dishes stem from various cultures such as Malay, Chinese, Indian and Indonesian. And this is the very reason why some of the most authentic deals are often found at street food stands rather than pricy restaurants. But that's also what makes this city so special, it does have these two completely different alternatives when it comes down to eating out- the upscale dining and the amazing hawker food. Whereas both of these options may deliver a delicious experience, the check at the end of it will look very different according to where you dine; it can vary anywhere between a couple of dollars to hundreds of dollars. It's not a joke that Singapore is one of the most expensive cities in the world, but at the same time, it can be pretty affordable if you play your cards right. We balanced it pretty well out by eating often at the cheap food stands and whenever we hit expensive places* we would only grab beers or cocktails. So in the end of the day, there's no reason you couldn't enjoy this place without being broke at the end of it, it just really boils down to your own choices and knowledge of this city that offers so much beyond the glamorous scene. 

The Signature Skyline @ Marina Bay

What we enjoyed a lot here was the ease of getting around, not only by metro but also walking since the actual downtown area is rather "small", as well as the different neighbourhoods. The weather was brilliant the day we walked through the nice gardens around the Marina bay and the deal was definitely sealed with the views over the city skyline both, day and night. Also what really stood out here was the general cleanness and well-maintained buildings everywhere- it surely felt like an upgrade, even from generally clean countries like Malaysia. 

Without a further ado, I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story and hope they manage to pass on the good time we had while in Singapore...

Little India


Arab Street & Sultan Mosque

Marina Bay & Gardens by the Bay

Orchard Road

King Crabs & Durians

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Bars & Restaurants
For best views over the bay:
LeVeL 33
Marina Bay Sands (KU DÉ TA)
* Like Marina Bay Sands where dinner starts 80SGD/ person and drinks 15-25SGD
No Signboard Seafood Restaurant (Geylang)
- Thanks to my friend Agatha for bringing us to this wonderful restaurant to eat the famous chilli crab! We owe you one! ;P

Some Cool Areas
- very nice architecture, great hawker center (cheap food!) and bunch of souvenir stands
Little India
- colours, scents, tastes and many, many people
Arab Street
- Sultan Mosque, little boutiques, interesting eateries...
Boat Quay
- by the Singapore River, full of restaurants & bars (also close to some museums, parliament and city hall)
Orchard Road
- great for shopping, but has also pretty parks and side-streets
Marina Bay
- the famous skyline of Singapore
Bugis Junction 
- shopping, close to Little India

Mayo Inn (Little India & Kampong Glam)
- good place to stay (considering SG is very expensive); clean and simple rooms, close to metro stops and next to lively Little India.


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