Monkey Forest

Jul 15, 2014
One of the very first things we did in Ubud was visiting the Monkey Forest nature reserve. It's actually interesting how there are some places that one just 'must' visit while in Bali, and this was one of them. Conveniently located just at the end of the main street (Jalan Raya), it was a fun place to start discovering this magical town that lies in the middle of lush jungles and rice paddy slopes and is also recognised as one of Bali's cultural hubs

And while this forest, like the name suggests, is full of monkeys, not all of the 350 are nice ones. A word of advice: They do jump at every opportunity to snatch something out of your hands and pockets, or maybe they even grab the hat or sunnies you're wearing! Like I said, not nice. We had heard some stories prior to coming here and knew to take all precaution possible by hiding removable things that potentially could end up in wrong hands. Seriously, in the blink of an eye they could already be tossing away your phone or snapping pictures with your camera if you didn't pay attention to your surroundings...they're way more skilled than you'd think. 

In our experience though, they didn't seem to care less about us and they let us walk around them and take pictures almost as close as we wanted. However, better safe than sorry. We were probably not so interesting to them anyway. End result: We exit with all our stuff and the notorious monkeys turned out to be rather cute. And I mean, just look how innocent they look like...not to even mention the serene and beautiful home forest of theirs. 

Friend or Foe? 

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General Information
Ubud, Bali
- A place out of story books; nature and culture at its best! Highlight of our Southeast Asian trip.
- Beautiful, yet touristy place to visit (although majority of places in Bali are) - the nature & animals are wonderful and totally the worth the visit! 


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