Last Days in Tropics

Aug 20, 2014
Four months in tropics went by so quickly. It's a strange thing, because in the beginning of the trip we used to think that "it's such a long time, we'll have time for everything" or that "we'll get bored being on the road at some point", well no and no. It is not a long time and we did not get bored. Not even close! In fact, if anything, we were wishing we had chosen to do an entire year on the road...hindsight is 20/20, huh? In any case, here we were, saying goodbye to our time in Southeast Asia and to our already so worn out bathing suits (conveniently, it's mandatory to bathe naked in our next destination - Japanese hot springs!). 

But before tossing away the swim pants, we wanted to give them a one last run in the sun and splurged on this gorgeous resort for the last few days. Aside from going around the South-Kuta on one day and eating out on the Jimbaran beach, we just literally spoiled ourselves rotten in this beautiful area that combines two fabulous resorts together. We're not really big on staying in resorts but honestly, this time around, we couldn't have end our stay in Bali in any better way: A private beach, number of pool complexes, restaurants, saunas and pretty much anything and everything imaginable. But if I would have to point out one thing in particular, it would be the ridiculously outstanding service! According to Lorde we may never be royals, but here, in this place, you can definitely be treated like one. These people really go out of their way to make you feel special, and I don't mean just the staff but the Indonesians in general. They're just a very genuine and smiling nation that sort of infect people with their good mood.  

Four months in tropics end here...

So four months down, two more weeks to go. Here we were, standing on the quiet beach, writing our goodbyes on the fine sand...and closing our fun filled travel chapter. But (yes, there is always a but to everything) as much as we had enjoyed our Southeast Asian adventures, we were already beyond excited to hop on that flight that would bring us to the land of the rising sun - JAPAN! One of the most anticipated destinations on this trip, for sure. 

Welcome to Rimba! 


 Jimbaran Beach Dining

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Rimba Jimbaran Bali (by AYANA)

Jimbaran Beach
- Home for about 50 Seafood Restaurants  all lined up on the beach. Beautiful sunsets, good live music, fire shows and yummy food - warmly recommended! 


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