Finding Zen in Ubud

Jul 22, 2014
From the moment we arrived to Ubud we were totally smitten by it. I don't know how else to describe this gorgeous heart land of Bali that's surrounded by lush hills, jungles, rice terraces and  incredible amount of traditions and culture. It's just one of those places that you only dream about existing. We were beyond excited to base ourselves here for a week or so, and explore what this island would have in store for us. 

But before getting into all that, here's a little glimpse of our home away from home...and I mean just look at this place- different lounges, pools, landscapes, awesome staff, cozy villas and hands down the best massage I've ever had! Pretty much the ideal surrounding for relaxation after a long day of activities, or simply just for finding that Balinese spirit... 

The Jungle Oasis

 {All pictures © Voyages of Discovery}


- Private villas in a gorgeous setting in the middle of jungle nature! They've got everything you could possibly want from an accommodation; multiple refreshing pools (in different layers along the hillside), stunning gardens with lots of lounges, nice breakfast, helpful staff, activities (yoga, massages etc.), spacious villas and you name it! They have a free shuttle to the centre a few times a day, and it's about 5 minutes drive (other times they order you a taxi for 2-3€). 


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